Mainstreet Brass formed in 1986, inspired by a musical camaraderie, a passion for brass quintet literature and performance and a goal to present interesting and entertaining music to its audiences. The quintet has performed for enthusiastic audiences at arts festivals colleges and concert series in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New England, the Midwest and the United Kingdom.

Described by concert presenters as “marvelously delightful,” “magical, balanced and alive,” a “journey of emotion and imagination” and showing “exquisite artistry” and “sonorous magnificence,” Mainstreet Brass presents varied repertoire spanning the centuries — from florid 17th century canzons and Bach transcriptions to memorable show tunes and blues classics from Jelly Roll Morton, W.C. Handy and Fats Waller.

A Mainstreet Brass concert is always full of surprises. You just might get a toe-tapping rendition of “St. Louis Blues” or “Darktown Strutters Ball” right after a rich performance of a German Baroque sonata or Gabrieli canzona.

It’s part of what this unique ensemble is about — flexibility, artistic range, accessibility and reaching out to listeners of all ages.

The Mainstreet Brass spirit creates a contagious on stage energy from the opening downbeat to the final chord — a memorable experience that’s enthusiastically shared with others.

Attend a Mainstreet Brass concert, and you’ll discover why its music making can be an uplifting, magical escape from the routine.